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Why Ann Whitecotton Homes?

"The only source of knowledge is experience".

-Albert Einstein.

With more than 25 years of experience, Ann Whitecotton Homes has delivered so many projects with one thing in common, our passion for home building.


The beauty of our homes is the end result of the passion and years of experience of our team and leaders. 

We are so excited to work with you and take part on this journey with you.




We want you to know our roots and story, the heart of Whitecotton Homes, to ultimately inspire you to become part of the legacy. 


Each one of our clients have shared their personal experiences with Ann Whitecotton Homes. Let their voice help you make one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life - building your dream home. 

Ann Whitecotton, the builder, is the consummate professional in the building industry. She was accurate in her assessment, timing and cost of my project. Ann is well-organized, detailed in her document management, communication and proactive in addressing any possible building issues. Ann has the ability to problem solve with innovative solutions while keeping my best interest in mind. Ann always used top grade materials; therefore, not compromising the quality of my home.

Ann Whitecotton, the person, is honest, forthright, caring, compassionate and professional in her conduct. She expects only the best from her subcontractors while also treating them with the respect they deserve. She is well liked by her subcontractors and her clients long after the home is built. Building a home is usually the largest expenditure you may have personally and can be a stressful journey. Ann took away my stress as a widow who embarked on this journey without my spouse.

At the end of the day, Ann Whitecotton's goal is to please her client and uphold her reputation as a quality, high-end custom builder. She has the unique ability to accomplish both.

Not only am I proud to say Ann Whitecotton is my builder, but I am also proud to call her my friend!




Dee Raymaker




For several years we knew the time would come when we needed to down size as we move into our golden years. Ann Whitecotton was affiliated with my brother, Gerald, for many years and was a partner with him (Boggs & Whitecotton) the last years of his life.


Ann has a reputation for building impeccable homes and we wanted her to build our Ann Whitecotton Home. We have been in our new home since mid-June. She worked so hard to give us what we dreamed of and gave us important guidance all throughout the process. She uses only the best contractors and has a building track record you can trust. I think Ann Whitecotton is one of the best builders around. She is honest with you and up front. If your request won't work, she doesn't hesitate to tell you so and why. That's the kind of builder we want to work for us. She is easily available to listen and answer all questions. If she needs to check on something first, she will quickly get back to you.

Since we have moved into our new home, all the little items and questions have been answered. If something needed taken care of, it was done in a timely way. If she tells you something, "you can count on it". My wife and I are extremely pleased with our whole experience. We are happy to recommend Ann Whitecotton Homes.


C. L. and Ann Boggs.







Here is our Google review that we just uploaded.  Thank you for all of your hard work and building such an amazing home that we love.  Everything I said was the honest truth and heartfelt.  We absolutely love you and are so happy we found you.  I truly believe that there is no one else like you in the business.  We feel truly blessed to have found you and are so grateful for everything you have done.   I hope you and Mike are doing well.  

Ryan Seegmiller





If I could tell you one thing while I have your attention, it would be that Ann Whitecotton is the most amazing homebuilder in the market.  You will never regret having her build your home, but you may regret not having her build your home.  If you’ve been through the home building process before, you know it can be stressful and aggravating.  I can tell you with all honesty that our homebuilding experience with Ann was anything but stressful and aggravating.  We had an enjoyable building experience and we owe it all to Ann. We absolutely love our home!


Ann Whitecotton is not your typical builder; she is one of a kind.   You won’t find another builder who is as knowledgeable, creative, tough, sweet, and caring as Ann.  Ann Whitecotton was everything we had hoped for and exactly what we needed.  Ann was instrumental in every design aspect of our dream home.  Ann has a gifted eye for design.   It was through Ann’s talent for design that we ended up absolutely loving every color, pattern, and material choice in our home.  Ann is a straight shooter and will let you know when you may not be making a good decision and the reasons behind it.   Ann does not cut corners, if something is not right Ann will personally see to it that it’s done correctly, this is one of the greatest things we love about Ann.  She gives you a personal touch that serves as a model for customer service.  Ann personally went with us to all of our selection appointments in choosing the material for our home; I don’t think you will find this anywhere else in the business.  

I could go on and on about all the things I love about Ann Whitecotton and why Ann is the most amazing builder in the business.  I have recommended Ann Whitecotton to everyone I know as a homebuilder.  I don’t know if we will ever build another home again, but if we do, we will make sure Ann Whitecotton is the one to build it. 




Ryan & McKenna Seegmiller

Comanche, Texas




Ann Whitecotton was absolutely the best person to build our new Pecan Plantation home. Went into this knowing “WHERE” to build but not knowing the “WHO” to choose as our builder. With Ann's help and resources, we were able to work up a design plan using her referral to Thayne Hillrichs. A career professional, Ann has honed her talents in bringing the plan from paper to reality. It has been fun to watch. Ann challenges herself to keep us owners happy. Learned a lot about today’s construction materials and the many design choices. Having her as a trouble shooter was to our advantage; saved us many times on a personal level - when we found what one of us liked the other one hated!

Excited and proud to live in an Ann Whitecotton built home.

Dee & Bob Eastwood.



Ann helped us make our forever dream home a reality. Our desire was to build something outside the norm and Ann totally got that vision and ran with it. 


She was on top of every contractor and every detail whether it was scheduling so that there were no unnecessary delays or making sure that our design dreams were realized exactly the way we envisioned them. 

Ann guided us through every step of the decision making process with her vast knowledge of construction and materials. She helped us weigh the price, quality, and durability of all our selections. We were constantly amazed by her creativity and eye for detail. 


Working with Ann was an enjoyable experience in so many ways. She answered our questions, spent time discussing life around our kitchen table and always made us feel like we were her most important customers. We are quite sure that our house will be here long after we are gone, but if the need ever arose, we would do it all over again with Ann. In the end, we have beautiful home that is just so “us” and a friend in Ann Whitecotton.

Tim and Terri Blackshear



We first met Ann in February 2014 and she told us that if we had her build our home, our relationship would be like a marriage. Her commitment to that relationship is continually reinforced even beyond the completion of our home. We have nurtured a wonderful friendship with Ann and thank God for blessing us with her. She is tenacious and her attention to detail is impeccable. She guided us throughout the entire process of building our dream Texas home, including the gourmet professional kitchen as well as beautiful outdoor kitchen. With many other custom special features, our home never fails to deliver a “wow factor”. 


Ann never asked to have a contract signed and delivered on purely a handshake and a smile. How refreshing is that! We are truly very proud owners of an Ann Whitecotton Home. 

Kathie and Steven Kyono





We have built three houses in our lifetime. This gives us a pretty good Idea of how builders go about building homes. Ann Whitecotton’s attention to detail and quality is unsurpassed in the industry. I have never seen a builder care so much about her customers wants and desires. She also has a lot of pride in her finished product. It is not just a job to get done and then go on to the next job. It was a pleasure working with her. Ann makes you feel like, “Boy, I can’t wait to build my next house”.

Many contractors check on their houses every so often. Not Ann, visits her houses daily and sometimes two or three times a day and trust me nothing that is wrong goes unnoticed. It really turned into a game trying to catch a mistake before she did. Needless to say, I never did. She has inspected it. She has put together a team that respects her and takes as much pride, as she, in making things perfect. 


Looking back I have to laugh because Ann is always totally aware of what is going on even when she is in a conversation with you. Sometimes you wonder if she is really listening to you because she is always giving direction and correcting problems as she sees them. However, one ear is always listening to you. You never have to tell her anything twice. She is on top of everything. Ann made herself available to us no matter how small the problem. You would never know she is building other houses at the same time she is building yours because you always have her undivided attention. 


The best way to describe Ann Whitecotton Homes is to say she builds them just like she is building them for her family. She builds them with love and pride. We were told many times by realtors and other contractors, “You can always tell a Whitecotton home by its quality and detail. No other builder can match it." And last but not least, you not only have a beautiful home when you finish, you also have a valued friend for life. 


Bruce & Sally Allen.




Ann, we are proud to be on your list of homeowners that are second and third time Boggs & Whitecotton clients. While everyone is given a gift in life, not everyone has the passion to run with it. Your passion shows through with every home you build. Just as each home is different, each client is different, and you seem to know just how to mesh the two together to build a wonderful, quality home to fit their needs.

Here are some things I think clients need to know about Ann Whitecotton the Builder:


• She is a visionary in the industry

• She has been a home builder for over 20 years and was handpicked by Gerald Boggs to carry on his legacy

• She is compassionate and understanding

• She is honest and more than fair

• She has subcontractors that are the best in their fields

• Her follow-through during and after the building process is excellent

• She makes the building process a BREEZE

This may sound like she’s running for office. She’s not! We just want you to know that we think you will be the lucky one if you ever have an opportunity to work with Ann, have her as a friend, or live in one of her beautiful, extremely well, constructed homes.

John & Elizabeth Hubbard 






Ann Whitecotton built our current home and this home, by far, is our favorite. When you buy a Boggs and Whitecotton home, you are buying a quality home with every detail and design feature carefully thought out. Her attention to details and functionality continues to please us. The baking center in the kitchen, placement of the windows, intricacy of the moldings, ample storage, functionality built into the attic, and the quality of materials demonstrates how her passion and pride for home building come together to deliver the best homes built in this area. We enjoy watching the reactions of our guests when they step into our home and see the details built into it. I never imagined living in a home that my guests would love as much as I do! The quality I’ve come to love the most, is her customer service. She stands behind her work and works with you to ensure any issues or help you may need are addressed to your satisfaction. 


We highly recommend Ann; you will not be disappointed. When you build a home with Ann you also build a relationship. How many builders are willing to do that? 


Eric & Monica Anderson



Boggs & Whitecotton, I cannot believe that it has been 15 years since we moved into our lovely custom home. “We are being transferred!” It always meant a tough 6 to 9 months. When we decided to build our retirement home, we wanted to find a local builder with a good reputation, we found Boggs and Whitecotton by driving around Pecan Plantation. Ann had a few under construction and we loved the quality of their homes and Ann has the perfect personality to work with people as they build their dream homes.

Annete Nelson 



To Whom it May Concern:

How many feasible accomplishments remain undone because of the mindset - "I could never do that"?

Unit Iris and I found "Boggs & Whitecotton Builders,"  we had that concept. We both had been widowed and are doing a life-in-life marriage. We had her house and his house - not our house. We needed a joint space with a view. Ann Whitecotton became our guide to a custom home. By good fortune we met Ann at the "Tour of Homes" in 2012. Until I met Ann, I would have never accepted a woman as a builder; that is no longer a foreign concept to me. Ann has a way of making her clients feel at ease, male or female. Her competence is enough to win the approval of any male client.

Ann made a favorable first impression with us that turned out to be accurate. She exhibited self-confidence in her ability and personal enthusiasm for the building profession. Her modesty and pleasant manner are excellent character traits with which to balance her passion for creative effort. She knew building materials and understood colors, patterns, and accessories. She could speak the language of construction with the eyes and ears of a decorator. The result is a new home which embodies so many of the things which Iris and I wanted. Ann can visualize what your desires are. If you are about to make a mistake, she has the tact to tell you how big a mistake that you are making. She handles changes during the process with patience and courtesy but firmness, with warnings when you are approaching your financial limit.

Ann stays close to her schedule, when possible; but her pride in her work will always win out when it is a toss between being on time and producing a quality home. She understands the balance between what the client wants and what the client needs. Even after your move-in date, you will not be ignored. Ann will assist you anyway possible to meet your needs. Example-changing light fixtures, repairing painted walls, and moving drainage pipes.

Ann's partner and mentor, Gerald Boggs, is a skilled builder in his own right. Her husband, Mike Whitecotton, is Mr. Concrete. He constructs building foundations, driveways, and retaining walls. Her team of sub-contractors realizes her focus on detail and supports her work ethic. She converted the challenge of constructing a new custom home for us to a "wonderful experience".

If you are trying to decide whether to build, or not to build a new home, please do yourself a favor and visit with Ann Whitecotton. She is a quality builder and will still be your friend when the dust is settled.


Iris and Rusty Wall



It's exciting to be a three-peat with Boggs & Whitecotton. So many people say there is no way they would ever build a house again with the stress involved. It is not that way at all with Ann Whitecotton being on the job every day, giving you answers before you can ask the question. She has such a delectable taste that you find yourself constantly saying "What do you think, Ann?" Her answers will be exactly what is just right for you and your house. She is with you every step of the way, unlike so many who write the contract and turn the building process over to a supervisor. It's so comforting to know that your builder not only builds a structurally superior house, but also has the artistic flair of the finest designer. It amazes me how Ann gets to know each client on a personal level and can guide each decision to make it so easy.

Our first house was wonderfully built and just right for the time, but a few years later was outgrown. Number two was a larger two story with four potties to clean. Number three, now many years' later, has only two bathrooms and is smaller to accommodate comfort for the twilight years. All three houses are within a mile radius. The neighborhood has continued to be perfect, but needs in a house have changed. Many might have stayed in a house too large, putting a damper on their final years because of the concern for stress and horror stories about the building process. That is a big mistake. When you have confidence in your builder, and you do when you work with Ann, it is a joyous process filled with great excitement each day (not fear, dread, or stress). When it is finished, you pinch yourself every morning and thank the Lord He sent Ann Whitecotton your way.

Sharon Allen



Ann could not have made our first home building experience better. She was always available for our questions and worked many evenings and weekends to accommodate our busy schedules. She was on site daily, 3-4 times a day overseeing every aspect of the work.


Ann’s attention to detail is unmatched and we are so proud to live in the beautiful home she has built for us. She has excellent taste and ideas and goes above and beyond to give you exactly the home of your dreams. In our book Ann gets an A plus and is highly recommended by us.


Kyle & Valencia Ditto.



We met with several home builders, went to their homes under construction to see their work, discussed their on-site construction supervision, and analyzed the cost proposals for a house plan. We selected Boggs and Whitecotton because of Whitecotton’s personal involvement in the planning, construction, and attention to detail throughout. 


Before construction, Ann recommended several changes that greatly improved our plan. She provided daily personal supervision and kept us fully informed about current expenditures and the cost of any deviations form the original plan. Furthermore, she also served as our private interior decorator. 


The result is a quality home we thoroughly enjoy, built at the cost of the original proposal. As a bonus, we now have a good friend in Ann Whitecotton. Talking to friends who have Boggs and Whitecotton homes, they also have this relationship with Ann. 


Sterling P. Randolph. 



Our home built by Ann Whitecotton, is hands down the best home we have ever owned. The attention to detail, such as the placement of electrical plugs in locations that can be used, to the specific location of the ironing board in the laundry room, are just two small details that show the professionalism, thoughtfulness, and excellence that Ann puts in her homes. When we look at the design elements and top-notch products such as insulation, granite and wood used in the home, there isn't a question about the pride in her homes that is passed down to us the home owner. The intricate woodwork, energy efficiency, quality of products combined  make this a home that we truly enjoy showing to our friends and family. There is a distinct difference to an Ann Whitecotton home. We would ABSOLUTELY recommend her to anyone considering a custom home in the area and guarantee, you will be completely satisfied with the AMAZING home! We are excited to be in Granbury now, and have a little swell of pride each time we pull into our driveway!


Danny and Peggy Hill.





With so many new builders in town, some may think it difficult to decide who they want to build their home. I believe choosing a builder is one of the most important decisions a person makes in his entire lifetime, particularly if he intends to remain in the home for many years. It is critical for homework to be done before a mistake is made.


A good builder not only presents a dwelling that looks good on the surface, most can do that, a good builder develops a relationship with the prospective buyer that provides confidence in a long term commitment for building a quality home. In addition to the materials and sub-contractors chosen by the builder, a part of quality must include energy efficiency in our current economy.


After much investigation, well over ten years ago, I contracted with Boggs & Whitecotton to build a 2,800 square foot home, convinced they were the best building contractors in the area. Their homes not only looked better from the quality foundation, to the insulation, to the trim, to the roof, but owners of their homes consistently reported long term satisfaction with all facets of the home and building process, as well as better energy costs. Many years later, I am happier than ever with that decision.


When my home was built, total electric was the way to go. Boggs & Whitecotton Built a fabulously energy efficient house for me. The largest electric bill I’ve had was $222.00 one Christmas when the house was full of visiting kids and grandkids. It was a particularly cold December and there were many lighted Christmas decorations inside and out. During the hottest August over these years, the largest bill was $202.00. Most hot or cold months have been well below $200.00, unlike my neighbors with $300.00 to $400.00 bills during the same time periods, most with less square feet. This was in 12 seer A/C unit days.


This spring I decided to add natural gas to the house, my first install being a ventless fireplace in my current wood-burner location. I will follow this as necessary (I’m not wanting to hurry it up) with a gas water heater when my electric unit needs replaced. 


I’m reporting the gas installation because before I began this project, along with a few other changes, I called Ann Whitecotton to get some advice. She suggested the plumber to install the gas lines and guided the choices of the fireplace as well as others to contact. In fact; she contacted them for me. I paid the vendors her cost and expected a bill from her— none came.


While at the house recently to look at the possibility for another of my projects, Ann was concerned about the brick mortar in areas and called her current masonry contractor. He concurred with her assessment and she had him bring in his crew to repair brick work from more than ten years ago she did not consider quality work— 10+ years ago!!! That’s more than service after the sale, more than standing behind your work!!! I stand amazed. 


Think quality before you build or buy a home. It is truly one of the most important decisions to be made. When I think quality, I think Boggs & Whitecotton. I always have. Through the years I have called Ann and asked for advice and referrals many times but now it has taken on a whole new meaning. 


Sharon Allen


I know you must have received many letters from people you have built homes for, and undoubtedly each one had the same positive experience we did. You told us from the beginning that you would build a quality home staying within our budget and one that would withstand the times to come for many years. We took you at your word and you followed through all the way just as you said you would. Every day you were on the job site two to three times a day making sure that the different trades did their jobs to your specifications. Your attention to detail is superior and your vision makes all the pieces work together beautifully into a finished product - a home to be proud of. 


It was such a privilege to have you build our beautiful and very energy efficient home to spend our retirement in. We tell everyone that until you live in a Boggs & Whitecotton Home built by Ann Whitecotton, you cannot appreciate how true all the things I have mentioned really are. 


John & Elizabeth Hubbard.



My husband and I are completely delighted with our Boggs & Whitecotton home. I can’t begin to tell you how many people have told us that it is the loveliest home they have seen. It is wonderful to believe your home is beautiful, but it is even more important to know it is well built and that every element of it is total quality. Ann takes so much pride in what she does and expects her subs to do the best work possible and treat the homeowner with respect and cooperation. 


So many people I know found their contractor inaccessible once their home was finished. That is certainly not true of Ann. She had us keep a list of things that were not satisfactory or that didn’t seem to work as we expected and fixed every one of them. My husband and I both trust her implicitly and would never consider having anyone else build a house for us except her. Ann is the best builder in Hood County as far as we are concerned, and those who work with her feel the same way. 


Diana and Bob Knuth 



We have built three custom homes, each with a very experienced, highly recommended builder, but our best experience by far was our last one with Ann Whitecotton of Boggs & Whitecotton. She came highly recommended and we found the recommendations well deserved. Ann added extra insight into details and always had creative ideas to enhance the house/project. She ran a tight organized schedule and finished the job ahead of the projected completion date. In addition to the excellent ideas and creative touches, Ann has followed through on the promise she made to us at the outset that our relationship would not end with the completion of the house. She has been great at following up on punch list items and with the recent hail storm has gone out of her way to line up the trades needed to repair damage done, though clearly not her responsibility. I highly recommend Ann to anyone considering building their dream custom home, and would be happy to talk personally to anyone considering using her.

Scott and Gaylene Hoyt



Wow! What a house you built for us. As we watched the house being constructed, we recognized the high quality of material and the professionalism of the workers; however, after the house was finished and we walked up the attic stairs, I just stood in awe and said, “Gee, this looks like a NASA project.” I learned a great deal about engineered foundations and soil compaction tests. You are the only builder I know who does this kind of work. The insulation is unbelievable. 


Ann, not only did you build us a house that is structurally sound, you also built us a beautiful home. Thank you so much for going the extra mile by running all over the Metroplex helping me select tile, flooring, paint, etc. I could never have done it without you. You were so good to help me stay in budget because your expert advice and guidance kept me from making costly mistakes. When you get tired of building, you could become an interior decorator. 


When the inspector checked the house for the ten-year structural warranty you furnish, he said he inspected houses for many builders but without doubt, you built the best houses. When your suppliers found out who our builder was, they rolled out the red carpet for us. 


Thank you again for everything. Please know how much I appreciated your patience and kindness. 




Joan Breshears 




We intended to build our new home ourselves, acting as our own general contractor. I came to the realization that while it’s something I may be capable of, it is not something I wanted to tackle.

I spoke with several subcontractors and saw that my bid and the bid Boggs & Whitecotton would get are not the same. There are relationships that a custom builder has that I would not benefit from without the builder, all of which save time and money. Building 30 homes a year with the same people earns some loyalty that building one a lifetime just can’t match. So, we went with the builder who built our first custom home. Good move. Ann and Gerald built us a beautiful home in Tolar on 30 Acres and we couldn’t be happier. It was built quickly with quality contractors under an experienced eye. And we have the peace of mind making one phone call if there’s a problem. It may have cost a couple dollars more than if I had done it myself, but not much more than that. Well worth the price. 


Randy & Teresa Turner




We met Ann Whitecotton at one of her spec homes last year. We were getting ready to retire and wanted to live on the water. I was in the process of planning my daughter’s wedding and found it hard to concentrate on too many things at once. Ann told me by the time our house was built we would be best friends. She was right, a year later we still go to lunch. Ann made the building process as painless as possible. She and her subs were very knowledgeable and professional. We lived an hour away, so I was not able to drive over every day. I stressed about a few decisions to the point of tears until I could see for myself that it was perfect. When Ann found out I was promptly reprimanded by her for not calling so she could calm me down. We still show off our house to friends who are impressed by her creativity and quality. She is amazing.


Debbie & John Quilty 



October 19th will mark exactly one year since Kay and I moved into our beautiful home in Mallard Pointe on Lake Granbury, and on behalf of both of us, I wanted to send you some thoughts and observations regarding you and the way in which you and Kelly manage your business. 


We remember the first time we met you. Kay and I were looking at a “spec” home you had built. The home was being shown to us by our realtor, Ian Moore, and he called you to meet with us at the house to answer questions and to discuss options in modifying the floor plan to better suit our needs. That was 2 1/2 years ago, or so. Little did we know then that meeting you that day would develop not only a business relationship, but also into a treasured friendship. 


Prior to committing to you, we did our homework and checked with local financial institutions and real estate agencies, as well as with another homebuilder and sub-contractors that have worked for you. Without exception, we received “glowing reports” about you and the positive way in which you conduct business. 


Now having experienced living in our wonderful home for a year, Kay and I want to share with you the following thoughts and observations:


  1. We value your uncompromising level of integrity 

  2. You were always responsive to our questions, concerns and to our needs 

  3. We appreciate your straight forward approach (no surprises) 

  4. We also appreciate the time you took to guide us through our very first new home construction experience. You made it a very pleasant experience and not the stressful, unpleasant and marriage challenging project that many friends told us building a new home would be. For that we thank you 

  5. Thank you for your disciplined follow-up in all aspects of our dealings with you 

  6. We appreciate the manner which you held your sub-contractors accountable to the established time lines and your high standards of quality and workmanship 

  7. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to excellence 

  8. Finally, thank you for your honesty with us in all phases of our home building experience 


Ann, working with you was always pleasant and a pleasure. We stand ready to recommend you to anyone interested in discussing our home building experience. Moreover, if a potential customer would be interested in seeing our home, we would be proud to show it to them, by appointment. We have discussed our outstanding home building experience with literally dozens of people both locally as well as outside of the immediate Granbury area. Many, based upon their personal experience(s), were in disbelief. 


Thanks again for all you’ve done for Kay and me. 


Here’s to a long-lasting friendship going forward! 


Kay and Bill Poulos 



Dear Ann, Gerald and crew, 

My how time flies when you happily settled in a beautiful home. I am truly sorry for being so tardy in writing this letter. I thought I would do it right after we moved in, but this letter is better coming after we have lived here for five months. Everything is so perfect in our home. I haven’t been able to find anything for you to repair. We have built 4 other new homes never experienced the expedience, excellent workmanship and kindness that were shown to us in this process before. You and your subs are to be commended for your excellence – both in superior building, and consideration to the owner. Building the home of your dreams can certainly be an anxious time, but you made this experience a pleasure for us, which is why we are asking you to build for my 80 year old aunt. 

Thanks so much, to all of you. May God bless you all. 


Marv & Annette Nelson




Talk about service after the sale, Boggs and Whitecotton Custom Builders are to be commended. 


There are numerous building contractors in Granbury; however, having built a new home twice, Gerald Boggs (now Boggs and Whitecotton) has built both. I like the statement in the phone book regarding this company; “The bitterness of poor quality lasts as long as you own the home; the sweetness of a low price fades quickly”. 


It was almost three years ago that my present home was completed. This spring, I had a concern that I addressed to Ann Whitecotton (partner in the firm). Knowing that it was long past the “year after the sale” that is usually considered adequate to address requests for something from a builder, I was only desiring the name of a person to call to alleviate my concern. However, Ann contacted two different sub-contractors to “fix” my problem, at no cost to me. It was relatively minor and didn’t take long but having two different sub-contractors return to an almost three year old “project” is truly going beyond what is expected, and is indeed worthy of mention and praise. I just wanted to publicly say “thank you” to Ann and Gerald. They have one happy customer after two custom homes. 



Sharon Allen, Ph.D. 



Dear Ann, Gerald and Kelly:

Rozelle and I wanted to let you know that we sincerely appreciate the professionalism, quality of construction, attention to detail and outstanding customer service we experienced throughout (and after) the building of our new Boggs & Whitecotton home at 7405 Hampton Drive. During out thirty-four years with SBC Corporation (the old Southwestern Bell Telephone Company), we moved approximately thirteen times and built three other homes before retiring to Granbury. We consider it our great good fortune to have chosen Boggs & Whitecotton to construct our retirement residence. We are of that opinion because, not only do we believe our Boggs & Whitecotton home to be of the highest quality construction, but we have thoroughly enjoyed working with you.


As part of our original search for a builder, we met with you once for about thirty minutes, walked through one of your previously constructed homes and decided we wanted you to be our builder. We did not really ask for a lot of detailed information regarding Boggs & Whitecotton homes; in fact, I recall that we only met with you three or four other times (for a total of about eight hours) prior to signing a contract and starting construction. We placed a lot of trust in Boggs & Whitecotton, because of the friendliness, professionalism, forthrightness, honesty and integrity displayed by Ann Whitecotton. We are happy and pleased to say that those same attributes have been continuously displayed by everyone at Boggs & Whitecotton throughout our association. (I could go on and on, but I am trying to keep this somewhat brief).

As a personal note, we recall that right after we signed the construction contract, Ann said, "We will build the home that you want and we will part as friends." That statement proved to be very prophetic because we could not be more pleased with our beautiful home and we consider you all to be our friends.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Gene and Rozelle Springfield.


Thank you also for the Harry and David Christmas assortment. The beautiful package of fruit and snacks was a wonderful surprise. We enjoyed every bite and being able to share it with our holiday friends and family. Thank you for being so thoughtful.





Dear Ann,

We had never had a new home built for us before. When we retired and moved to Granbury some years ago, this became a new experience for us late in life. Somehow, we had the good fortune to work with your company in this endeavor about which we knew very little beforehand and the little that we knew was disquieting. 

We have never done business with a firm that has shown more integrity and more willingness to take the extra step to ensure a satisfied client. You have gone beyond what would be expected.

Should any prospective clients want references or want to see an example of your firm's work, please feel free to suggest that they call us.


Edward Vela, Jr.





We moved into our new house on Muirfield Drive in June 2000. But the process of selecting where and what to build and who the builder should be began earlier. During this process we met Gerald Boggs and Ann Whitecotton. I told Ann that I didn't want to go through the trauma of building but had not found an existing house that met some of our preconceived "wants". Ann said she would make it easy on me. We decided on a plan, lot and price. We then signed a loose contract, one that would have left me open to grief with an unscrupulous builder. I had made a judgement of Boggs & Whitecotton and would have felt confident with a verbal agreement. I have never made a better judgement call.

We are very happy with our house and have been from day one. Should we have any future moves we will try and limit the area to one that Boggs & Whitecotton operate in.

Henry & Lola


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